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18:12 09-04-2017
Well done new full members and prospects, Blue gang forever
10:59 30-03-2017
Our deepest condolences to Filip (West Corner) with the loss of his father.
Funeral on Saturday 1 April 10:00 am at Zonnebeke.
14:11 27-03-2017
Our deepest condolences to JP with the loss of his brother.
Funeral on Friday 31 March 10:00 am at the church of Herzele.
22:17 18-01-2017
too al bleu angels a happy new year
safe rides , lowd pipes & great rock 'n roll music
rocking grts "high level" ! ! !
12:25 16-01-2017
Gabor National
Our deepest condolences to you all in Scotland with the loss of Finlay. R.I.P.
Gone but not forgotten.
23:27 02-01-2017
Happy New Year aan alle Blue Angels, prospects en supports!! Slesj support 21
11:17 02-01-2017
Best wishes to all the boys worldwide, love and respect to all of the blue gang and to those that deserve it.
09:39 31-12-2016
Best Wishes To All BA Worldwide And Ride Save In 2017
12:16 28-12-2016
Happy blue year to all blue angels,supports and friends
22:04 25-12-2016
ik wens alle motorrijders een zalige kerst en een veilig 2017 op de baan.
20:50 21-12-2016
Blue Angels Mc West Coast wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Blue Year in 2017..Bring it On BGF
10:19 19-12-2016
Blue Angels M.C. Belgium wish you all and your relatives a Merry Xmas and a Happy Blue Year.
10:14 19-12-2016
Gabor National
Congrats Romeo, Ronny and Jean with your brand new patches. BTTB BGF
12:48 13-12-2016
Big welcome to our new Brothers in North-East.
Congratz Jean, Ronny and Romeo. Well done, Boys.
The Boys from Border, Belgium.
10:19 28-11-2016
Proficiat aan de mannen van border het was een goede party.
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Berichten: 31 t/m 45 van de 153.
Aantal pagina's: 11
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