B.A.M.C. National


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22:49 18-06-2019
to all prospects and hangerounds ... you were extremely good at your work during our national run. continue like this
09:02 04-06-2019
thx brothers for the opportunity with our chapter...we won't dissapoint you!!!also welcome to the new prospectieve chapter central BGF!!!!
20:07 13-05-2019
Secretary North-East
Our deepest condolences to our prospect Benny with the loss of his mother.
02:30 15-02-2019
Koen De Boeck
Happy f*,cking Valentine to all 21...
15:53 31-12-2018
Happy newyear to all blue angels ,supports ,friends and family

15:35 02-12-2018
Bjorn 21
Proficiat laroche met de full colors!
20:54 21-10-2018
Mark L
Bedankt, mannen. Mijn zoon verkocht maresepijn tvv VNJ Mere en jullie hebben gul bijgedragen. Alle beetjes helpen. THX en respect.
07:25 11-04-2018
William Gallacher
Thank you for letting me right on your home page.
My name is William Gallacher Hangaround for the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club. Would it be possible for me to contact your Secretary. Regards and respect william
18:42 15-02-2018
Gabor National
Our sympathy and deepest condolences to Scream on the loss of his mum.
08:54 11-01-2018
Thanks everyone for the chance to join the big family! BGF and respect.
11:18 25-12-2017
jakki morrison
to all blue family have a wonderful time happy blue xmo x fae Maryhill glesga x
12:17 24-12-2017
Mario & Marina
Vrolijke kerst en een gelukkig en ronkend Nieuwjaar !
Mario & Marina
11:41 06-12-2017
Bjorn met een b
Welcome steven en lieven!
12:28 29-11-2017
Congrats to Ignace with his full color , well done .
Welcome to the Blue world BAFFBA .
De boys from Border .
11:54 24-11-2017
Condolences from the North-east chapter to Eddy8toes with the loss of his Mom
Berichten: 16 t/m 30 van de 175.
Aantal pagina's: 12
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