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11:51 27-07-2017
Nicky Aberdeen
Thank you to all of the belgian blues for a brilliant international run, very proud to have been part of it. BGF BAFFBA Aberdeen NE Chapter BA
11:00 20-07-2017
What a blast brothers. big thank you to the Belgium boys for a brilliant international run.. Coast Mob Scotland
21:43 18-07-2017
Yeti fife
Many thanks to all the belgian blues for an Absolutly awesome international run this weekend, proud to have been part of it bros, also a big thank you to the north east lads for looking after us at their clubhouse and all the effort you went to, cheers Yeti Fife seccy, BGF
21:34 18-07-2017
Yeti fife
Hi brothers, big thank you to all of the belgian blues for a fuckin outstanding international run, proud to have been part of it, big thanks for the trouble and effort you guys went to to make it a great success, many thanks from your brothers in Fife B.A. BGF, BAFFBA.
16:56 18-07-2017
Gabor 21
Awesome international run last weekend. Nice to see all brothers of Scotland, England and Spain between us. BGF. BTTB
22:53 01-07-2017
Gabor 21
Our deepest condolences to you all in the Blue World with the loss of Slim. R.I.P.
Gone but not forgotten.
00:40 18-06-2017
welkom back To winnetou BGF djo
19:56 06-06-2017
Congratz Piet with your colours. Grtz
21:31 05-06-2017
Congratz hans with your full colors!
And welcome back winitoe
12:38 05-06-2017
Chapter Border 21
Congratz to Pietje with his full color , welcome to the blue world . BGF
09:48 05-06-2017
Get well soon Pascal....bgf
14:30 31-05-2017
Gabor 21
Wishing a quick recovery to Pascal. BGF
11:36 19-05-2017
Chapter Border
Welcome to or new full color Hans , well done .
17:56 14-05-2017
Congratz @ big Hans with your colors. Super mate
10:07 09-05-2017
Gabor 21
Hans got his jacket, regardless of he was wearing a short pants behind the bar!
Well done. Welcome to the Blue World. BGF
Berichten: 16 t/m 30 van de 156.
Aantal pagina's: 11
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